1. More virtualenv (sans) magic

    Several months back I was figuring out how to use pip and virtualenv, and generally having a pretty good time with my python development experience. However, I kept running into interesting code examples and projects that required matplotlib and the numpy/scipy stack. Since I've also been trying to ...

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  2. LabVIEW Break!

    As of a month or so ago I was still going strong with the Eudyptula Challenge tasks: building development kernels, hacking on dynamically loadable modules, exploring intricacies of git, and generally learning my way around the internal structures that make Linux tick.

    I had just begun to really dig into ...

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  3. Taking the Eudyptula Challenge

    It wasn't so long ago that I was pounding away on my Matasano Challenge code, and thinking about how I might write about the progress I was making. It was abstract, though -- progress to be sure, but a lot of the kind of thing you seem to learn when ...

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  4. Matasano Crypto Challenges, Exercise 13

    I started up this blog as a place to muse on current tech projects and share what I'm doing and learning. Then I went and got re-mired in my Matasano code, which I can't share.

    Last spring, on a tip from Steve, I spent a bunch of time ...

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  5. Setting up Pelican

    So here it is, a blog, live and loaded with some content! Like magic.

    I will not go into much detail here about the setup of this site or how I got here, but a few resources did help me quite a bit along the way. Among them (and I ...

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  6. Pip and virtualenv sans magic

    I'm trying to bridge the gap between understanding the syntax of Python (among another language or three) and how to develop in them. To wit, I was setting up some of the standard tools for package management on my Arch Linux system, and having a little trouble understanding why ...

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  7. call("o muse");

    I didn't actually write this post on New Year's Day, nor does this blog have much to do with the new year, but it's a convenient and timely starting point. So,

    print("Hello world!")

    I think I'm like a lot of people who use static-blog engines ...

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