Setting up Pelican

17 January 2014

tags: blog

So here it is, a blog, live and loaded with some content! Like magic.

I will not go into much detail here about the setup of this site or how I got here, but a few resources did help me quite a bit along the way. Among them (and I've probably missed a one or two):

In practice, the real work had more to do with deciding how to host and organize my content, and recommendations are thin for that sort of thing. That seems appropriate to a static-site generator such as pelican. The whole point: you do it however you want. It's not that hard, after all.

As such, assuming this project sticks around awhile, it will probably be a casual work in progress for some time. Since what I'm after is a simple dumping ground for ideas, development progress, and makery learnings, I hope to remain focused more on content and ideas, rather than packaging and presentation (except insofar as these constitute makery learnings). But do contact me if you have any recommendations or notice something I've obviously overlooked.

A few honorable mentions and bookmarks: blog posts and articles about pelican, static-site generators, and devblogging in general that I didn't use explicitly when initially setting up this site, but which I've come across and expect to come back to: