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01 January 2014

tags: blog

I didn't actually write this post on New Year's Day, nor does this blog have much to do with the new year, but it's a convenient and timely starting point. So,

print("Hello world!")

I think I'm like a lot of people who use static-blog engines (pelican, jekyll, etc.), in that I'm no longer very thrilled with available hosted services. Intermittently, I've wanted a place to record thoughts and progress specifically related to my efforts to learn technological skills, particularly coding and electronics. To that end, I'm not really looking for the kind of "social" experience offered by a Blogger, Tumblr, or Twitter -- but on the other hand, I'd like something more dynamic, versioned, and publicly accessible than personal pen-and-paper diary or development notebook. I'd like an easy way both to look back over what I've done and how far I have (or haven't) come with a project, as well as an easy resource to share with people who may be interested in that progress.

As such, don't look here for subtle, crafted prose and public relations. Just notes, some thoughts, nods to the helpful posts and pages of other developers, and probably a few bookmark-like links to help me remember helpful resources. However, you are welcome here; If any of this content is helpful to you, then all the more benefit!